A powerful electronic engineering tool-kit in the palm of your hand

Simply Electronics

Electronics is a powerful all-in-one toolkit for engineers, hobbyists, students and anyone interested in electronics.

Whether you need calculate inductive reactance, or simply find a current limiting resistor for an LED, Electronics ensures you get the right answer quickly and efficiently.

Designed for iOS

Electronics is designed and built exclusively for iOS 7 and works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to give you the best possible experience.

Packed with tools

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  • Resistor colour code calculator
  • SMD resistor code calculator
  • Ohms law calculator
  • LED current limiting resistor calculator *
  • Axial inductor color code calcualtor *
  • Reactance and resonance calculator *
  • Potential / Voltage divider *
  • Pin-out reference for common 4000 series CMOS and 7400 series chips *

* Enabled with an In-App purchase